Sunki 生肌

生肌膠原蛋白精華 30ml / Sunki EGF peptides collagen serum



- 迅速改善皮膚暗啞恢復光澤 - 容易被皮膚吸收 - 撫平皺紋 - 淡化色斑 - 令皮膚充滿彈性順滑 - 急救膚質的最佳良方 - Rapidly improve dull skin and restore radiance - Easily absorbed by the skin - Smooth out wrinkles - Fade dark spots - Make the skin full of elasticity and smoothness - The best remedy for emergency skin care

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Weight: 149g
Dimensions (LxWxH): 34x75x166 mm

EGF, short for epidermal growth factor, was discovered by American scientists to promote skin growth and cell rejuvenation through direct extraction. It is a naturally occurring active factor in the human body that commands self-healing and accelerates cell growth and rejuvenation. It has won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1986 and is known as the "beauty factor".

Indian frankincense, a herb originating from South India, is known as a natural anti-inflammatory and detoxifier that improves skin health.

Tripeptides and nonapeptides are green peptides extracted from pure natural herbal plants, containing a large amount of dermal repair factors and active cell molecules that effectively inhibit the contents of melanin and acetylcholine in the skin surface, solving problems such as acne, pimples, and dark spots. They also have anti-free radical, anti-oxidation, anti-cancer, whitening, moisturizing, and nourishing effects, while being absolutely safe and non-toxic!

The Main Ingredients:Pure water, hyaluronic acid, tripeptides, nonapeptides, EGF, and Indian frankincense extract oil.

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