Sunki 生肌

生肌芝麻精萃護髮素 300ml / Sunki Organic Conditioner with Organic Sesame



- 不含矽靈,不阻塞髮囊毛孔 - 直接塗於頭皮上按摩,更易吸收營養 - 有效亮澤及修護秀髮 - 增強膠原蛋白及彈力纖維的新陳代謝 - 包覆性強,有效舒緩痕癢,改善頭屑 - 特別適合頭屑多及頭皮乾燥使用 - 滋潤而不油膩 * 可直接接觸頭皮而不傷害頭皮 - Does not contain silicone, does not block hair follicles or pores - Applied directly to the scalp for easy nutrient absorption - Effective in giving hair shine and repairing hair - Enhances the metabolism of collagen and elastic fibers - Strong coverage, effectively soothes itching and improves dandruff - Especially suitable for those with dandruff and dry scalp - Moisturizing without greasiness * Can directly contact the scalp without damaging it.

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Weight: 325g
Dimensions (LxWxH): 48x78x214 mm

Soapberry extract, soapberry kernel oil, and organic sesame extract are the main ingredients of hair conditioner. They all help protect and nourish hair. Soapberry extract is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, which can enhance hair luster and elasticity and prevent hair from UV and pollution damage. Soapberry kernel oil is a natural moisturizer that can moisturize hair, reduce frizz and split ends, and also stimulate scalp blood circulation to promote hair growth. Organic sesame extract is rich in protein, minerals, and unsaturated fatty acids. It can repair damaged hair, increase hair strength and resistance, and provide natural sun protection. These ingredients combined can make your hair healthier, smoother, and shinier.

Main ingredients: Purified water, Glycerin, Soapberry extract, Soapberry seed oil, Olive oil, Organic aloe vera extract, Organic moroccan nut oil, Organic shea butter, Organic sesame extract and Plant-based amino acids.

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