Sunki 生肌

生肌草本精 50ml / Sunki herbal Essence



- 舒筋活絡 - 驅風祛濕 - 鎮靜骨痛 - 按摩肌肉 - 舒緩勞損 - 多種天然草藥 - 低敏配方 - Relaxing muscles - Expelling wind and removing dampness - Calming bone pain - Massaging muscles - Relieving fatigue - Many types of natural herbs - Hypoallergenic formula






*注意事項:勿食,使用如有過敏、不適現象,請停止使用,並請教醫師。 須避開眼部及傷口處。孕婦勿用。須遠離火源。 2歲以下之兒童使用需諮詢醫師或藥師。


Weight: 120g
Dimensions (LxWxH): 40x40x120mm

This product contains over many types of natural herbs, each with its unique effects, providing comprehensive health benefits. The formula is carefully designed to minimize irritation to sensitive skin, making it suitable for all skin types. It effectively soothes and relaxes your muscles, making you feel comfortable and relaxed. It can help you dispel rheumatism in your body, thereby improving your physical health. It contains ingredients that calm bone pain and can effectively relieve muscle fatigue caused by long hours of work or intense exercise, allowing you to effectively relieve pain. It can also be used to massage muscles, thereby improving blood circulation and helping to restore muscle ability.

Main ingredients: Many of herbal essences and peppermint oil.

*Usage: Shake before use, pour out and massage onto local skin until fully absorbed.

Caution: Do not eat. If there are any allergic reactions or discomfort during use, please stop using and consult a doctor. Avoid the eye area and wounds. Not for pregnant. Keep away from fire. Children under 2 years old should consult a doctor or pharmacist before use.