Sunki 生肌

生肌蘆薈葉無氟牙膏 100ml / Sunki Fluoride Free Toothpaste with Organic Aloe Leaf



- 幫助消除口腔異味及污漬 - 讓牙齒更潔白,使口氣芬芳 - 含有極高的營養物質 - 天然皂素清潔力佳 - 多種活性成分 - 改善牙齦出血問題 - 減少牙菌膜形成 - 性質溫和不刺激 * 採用低敏感天然植物配方 - Helps eliminate oral odor and dirt - Makes teeth whiter and breath fresher - Contains high levels of nutrients - Natural saponin has excellent cleaning power - Multiple active ingredients - Improves bleeding gums - Reduces dental plaque formation - Mild nature without irritation - Using a low-sensitivity natural plant formula

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蘆薈有超過二百多種生物活化複合物, 使所有生物複合物互相協調, 發揮它們的功能。12種維生素、20種礦物質、18種氨基酸及8種酵素,臺灣檜木精油就是世界上現存,最珍貴的精油之一,它含有天然成分,這些成分具有鎮定自律神經、減輕發炎、消腫,防蟲,是消毒之天然防護劑。以無患子具有天然亮白,同樣尤加利精油的療效除了抗真菌,還有除臭、防腐、抗病毒、退熱、是最佳的天然抗生素!


Weight: 142g
Dimensions (LxWxH): 51x39x174mm

Aloe vera has over 200 biologically active complex compounds that coordinate with each other to perform their functions. It contains 12 vitamins, 20 minerals, 18 amino acids, and 8 enzymes. Taiwan hinoki essential oil is one of the most precious essential oils in the world, containing natural ingredients that have calming effects on the autonomic nervous system, reduce inflammation, relieve swelling, and have insect repellent properties, making it a natural disinfectant. Soapberry has natural brightening properties. Eucalyptus essential oil is not only effective against fungi, but also has deodorizing, preservative, antiviral, and antipyretic properties, making it the best natural antibiotic!
Long-term excessive intake of fluoride can lead to fluorosis. In the process of children's tooth development, exposure to excessive fluoride can cause a type of tooth discoloration and the appearance of spots. Some users may have allergic reactions to fluoride, such as redness, mild itching, and pimples around the mouth. Natural ingredients, including plant extracts, natural essential oils, and gentle abrasives. For those who want to reduce the intake or contact of chemical substances, or those with more sensitive constitutions, fluoride-free toothpaste can meet these needs.

Main ingredients: Pure water, glycerin, xylitol, peppermint oil, organic aloe vera leaf powder, organic maca root, hinoki essential oil, eucalyptus oil, soapberry powder, Patchouli Extract and baking soda.

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