Sunki 生肌

生肌毛囊增生源液 50ml / Sunki TSpro 3 SPA Oil



- 烏髮養髮 - 刺激再生 - 強化頭皮髮絲 - 適合虛弱及損壞的頭髮 - 溫和不損敏感的頭皮 - 專利配方 - Hair care for black hair - Stimulates regeneration - Strengthens scalp and hair - Suitable for weak and damaged hair - Gentle and non-irritating to sensitive scalp - Patented formula



三胜肽是一種高濃度的胺基酸,在胜肽排列組合方式當中,最早被發現含有「活性銅」配方的活性物。性質溫和,過敏性低。有效促進毛囊血液循環刺激再生,強化頭皮與髮絲。能提升纖維母細胞膠原蛋白的增生,加強肌膚的彈力,緊緻毛孔。有效調節荷爾蒙酵素,促進代謝作用進行的速率,調節免疫、抗菌抗病毒。舒緩細胞老化之問題如皺紋、色斑、缺水等等… 千年首鳥萬年參,何首烏是多年生植物,固精益腎,顧本培元,不寒不燥。有助血管擴張,能使皮細胞、腦細胞以及髮絲髮根獲得足夠的血液養份!有烏髮養髮之效能,為人體滋補的良藥。無患子核提煉而成的精油是頭髮護理產品的恩物,其中果實中含有皂甘可以解離冠狀病毒的脂肪酸和核酸,改變病毒蛋白質鞘膜的滲透性,最主要是它含有一種天然的強力滅菌素使病毒失去活性,對頭皮屑或頭皮出油、頭蝨、及癢症等有改善治療效果。



Weight: 157g
Dimensions (LxWxH): 40x40x116 mm

Tripeptide is a high concentration of amino acids that was first discovered to contain the active ingredient "active copper" in the arrangement and combination of peptides. It is gentle and has low allergenicity. It effectively promotes hair follicle blood circulation and stimulates regeneration, strengthening the scalp and hair. It can enhance the proliferation of fibroblasts' collagen protein, increase skin elasticity, and tighten pores. It effectively regulates hormone enzymes, promotes metabolic rates, and regulates immunity, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral effects. It can also soothe cell aging problems such as wrinkles, pigmentation, and dehydration. Polygonum multiflorum, a perennial plant, is a good supplement for the human body, which can strengthen the kidney and improve blood vessel expansion, allowing skin cells, brain cells, and hair roots to obtain sufficient blood nutrients. It has the effect of nourishing black hair and is a good medicine for the body. The essential oil extracted from soapberry kernels is a gift for hair care products. The fruit contains saponin, which can dissociate the fatty acids and nucleic acids of coronaviruses, change the permeability of the virus protein envelope, and mainly, it contains a natural powerful bactericidal factor that makes the virus lose activity, improving the treatment effect of dandruff, scalp oil, head lice, and itching.

Main ingredients: Palm kernel oil, Jojoba oil, Moroccan nut oil, Almond oil, Peach kernel oil, Ginger oil, Cinnamon oil, Polygonum multiflorum extract, Vanilla essential oil and Tripeptide.