Sunki 生肌

送貨政策 Delivery Policy

我們的目標是按照您在訂單中要求的收貨地點以及在您的訂單結帳時我們指定的運送日期(在訂單確認中更新)將產品運送給您;如果我們預計無法在預計的運送日期送貨,我們將嘗試通知您。但是,在法律允許的範圍內,任何由於延遲運送而對您造成的任何損失、責任、成本、損害、收費或費用,我們不承擔任何責任。 Our goal is to deliver the product to you according to the delivery location you requested in your order and the shipping date we specified when you checked out your order (updated in the order confirmation); if we expect that we cannot deliver on the expected delivery date, we will try to notify you. However, within the scope permitted by law, we are not responsible for any loss, liability, cost, damage, fee or expense caused to you due to delayed delivery. 在正常情况下,所有物品需要兩到三個工作日才能寄出。 Normally, it takes two to three business days for all items to be shipped.