Sunki 生肌

生肌頭部護理油 50ml / Sunki TSpro E Spa Oil



- 性質溫和 - 舒緩頭痛頭風 - 滋潤頭皮 - 促進血液循環 - 助眠入睡 - Gentle nature - Soothes headaches and migraines - Moisturizes the scalp - Promotes blood circulation - Helps with sleep and relaxation



月見草有促進脂肪代謝的作用,能有效地幫助頭陪皮膚,調節和平衡油脂的分泌。除了可以滋潤頭皮,還有抗敏抗炎、抗凝血以及預防中風的效果。 茴香能有效幫助調節荷爾蒙分泌的功效,配合傳統保健良方的生薑,有效地提升頭部及腦部的血液循環,以低溫熱能量緩緩地滲入頭部各個穴位,溫和而不激進,達致深層按摩的效果! 對於生活煩瑣的都市人,有助於改善睡眠質素,助眠入睡!有效改善頭風、減緩頭痛、去濕氣以及緩解緊張情緒。使腦筋回覆敏銳,有幫提升腦力與增強記億力,讓心情加倍愉快!



Weight: 157g
Dimensions (LxWxH): 40x40x116 mm

Evening primrose has the effect of promoting fat metabolism and can effectively help the scalp to regulate and balance the secretion of oil. In addition to moisturizing the scalp, it also has anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory, anti-coagulation, and stroke prevention effects. Fennel can effectively help regulate hormone secretion, while together with traditional health care formula ginger, it can effectively improve blood circulation in the head and brain with low-temperature thermal energy slowly permeating into various acupoints of the head, achieving a gentle and non-aggressive deep massage effect! For busy urban dwellers, it can help improve sleep quality and promote relaxation and sleep. It effectively improves migraines, relieves tension, and reduces dampness, making the mind more alert, enhancing brainpower, and improving memory, making the mood more enjoyable!

Main ingredients: Palm kernel oil, Jojoba oil, Fennel oil, Ginger oil, Moroccan nut oil, Evening primrose oil, Vanilla essential oil, Mugwort oil, Saponified oil and Cinnamon oil.